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May 07, 2007



Nice blog name by the way. Lucky I had a '1' after mine. Would have been a nightmare come user name time!!

In your post reference is made to the energy involved ..."It takes a lot of energy to create a bottle of water and ship it from Europe to California"

Ever contemplated the free energy we access and use to energize our water, ourselves. It's actually not a new age principle. Its nature at work.

We go to energy healers who facilitate energy to us. We use the old radion via its antenna to attract a frequency we cannot see but which carries information. We experience intuition which is movement of somesort without seeing the "transporter".

Why not attracting the ether to our water main and purifying the water.

I do. It works for me and my family.

And you know what? It even makes the bottled water you love taste even better!


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