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January 25, 2006



You totally called it on the "emails I won't post here." Also, "gentile letters" is an excellent slip. I agree that mediated, heavily edited and much-faxed-back-and-forth letters to the editor aren't the same as the kind of raw, immediate responses you get online--which is sometimes for the best. (I'm thinking of a certain famous writer who can't stop sending angry emails in the middle of the night, despite himself.)


I couldn't say for the life of me which writer you mean. But I'll also bet there's more than one, and most of them are smart enough to sleep on it and shitcan the letters in the cold light of morning. Online BBSs tend to take that hesitation away.

Still and all: the rhetorical technique of "you aren't seeing the letters I'm seeing" always apepars to be bullshit, and usually is.


I'm not writing his name 'cause he's a notorious self-googler and he and I have already made our peace. But, as you know, some people really can't help themselves, and the web is their worst enemy. They wake up in the morning like a split-personality serial killer and moan when they see the carnage they've wrought on the screen. Seinfeld had a bit that I liked about Night Guy and Morning Guy--Night Guy would stay up late and do all sorts of damage, ridiculing square Morning Guy, and Morning Guy would seethe, "I hate that Night Guy!"


It's interesting how many useful and interesting ideas that SEINFELD crfanked thorugh, given how Jerry Seinfeld himself was and is the essence of the unfunny schtickle "doesn't airline food SUCK" school of standup comedy.

Also, I hated SEINFELD. But "I hate that Night Guy" is genius, and should be part of the posting system for every BBS and blog comment system after midnight, every day.


I totally agree with you

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