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May 10, 2005


Steve E.

The fact that I'm reading that intently, and actually amused by it, is a testament to Clive's pseudo-celebrity status in blog world. At least in my blog world. Keep dishing the gossip.


Anything I can do to help to help turn Clive into the James Atlas of tech journalists is time well spent.

Wait, no it isn't.

But let me see. What can I add to the body of knowledge about the Robot? Hmmm.

How about these: The Robot likes wearing suits more than any man I have ever met. In August, he taught himself how to play banjo in about 36 hours. Once, a couple of years ago, the Robot spent 6 months using good china for every meal -- even if it was just a greasy slice from the corner pizzeria. For a story, I once filmed the Robot while comic artist Dame Darcy shot him repeatedly in the face with a variety of Nerf guns. Finally, the Robot may have the most enthusiasm for his daily life of any person I know, and I know some reasonable enthusiastic people.

Steve E.

The Robot's favourite musician is hopefully 'I Am Robot And Proud'. It will help to add to his daily mantra of enthusiasm.

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